Belajar Adobe InDesign CS5


Buku yang bagus untuk belajar InDesign CS5. Disusun oleh Ann Fisher, sangat enak dibaca dan mudah dimengerti meskipun pakai bahasa Inggris.

Flowing text = threading text
Ada 4 metode

Manual dengan mengklik overset text
Semi-autoflow dengan cara mengklik overset text + Alt
Autoflow dengan cara mengklik overset text + Shift
Fixed-page autoflow dengan cara mengklik overset text +Shift + Alt

Dampak Klik pada seleksi text
1x : posisi
2x : Kata
3x : Baris
4x : Paragrap
5x : Semua

Lebih mudah mengedit text di story editor daripada di halaman InDesign. Story editor berada di menu edit, gampangnya tekan Ctrl+Y pada keyboard.

Character style bagus untuk text yang pendek, seperti  judul atau label.
Character styles are helpful for lead-in characters such as bullets, numbers in numbered lists, and drop caps. They are also useful for highlighting text within body copy for example, the names of stocks are often in bold and small caps.

The objects that you place on master pages are called master items. Master items appear on every document page to which the master page is applied. Company logos, page numbers, and empty frames reserved for text and pictures are good examples of master items.
Untuk memodifikasi master items, you must override them. Caranya dengan Shift+Ctrl+click pada halaman yang akan di edit.

To make the use of styles more convenient and powerful, InDesign lets you nest character styles within paragraph styles. These nested styles allow you to apply distinct character formatting to specific portions of a paragraph—such as the first character, the second word, or the third sentence—at the same time you apply a paragraph style. This makes nested styles ideal for creating run-in headings, where the first portion of a line or paragraph is styled differently from the rest of the line or paragraph.
You can use the incredibly powerful nested styles feature to automatically apply different formatting within a paragraph according to a specific pattern. For example, in a table of contents, you can automatically apply bold to the text, change the tracking in the tab leader (the dots that lead to the page number), and change the font and color of the page numbe.
Jarak atau gap antar obyek. Gap antar obyek dari mana? dari Gutter di layout. Jadi nilai gutter = gap.